Moloney & me focuses on brands and why they matter. Brands that exist within spaces, that mean something, that stand for something and can create real cultural change. 

For more than 20 years Kate Moloney has worked in and around brands. Her pedagogical approach is simple and split into two parts - strategy and storytelling. The strategy comes through listening, understanding and synthesising, with the storytelling being a visual representation of the strategy. One without the other leads to brands no one remembers. 


Standing out amplifies belonging.

Your brand exists within a complex world of impressions and cultural symbolism. Brands are often seen as an extension of ones self. Because of this, we go deep to understand and challenge leaders to nail down their reason for being, and why people should care. When you tap into culture the financial benefits build over time.  

⬤  Brand Strategy: definition, positioning & value propositions

⬤  Naming & taglines

⬤  Place DNA

⬤  Place visioning

⬤  Tone of voice

⬤  Wayfinding strategy


Shape culture, dont just follow it.

Beautiful, clever & refined creative outputs are what people see, and a result of the sometimes messy and challenging strategy work. Effective place & product brands do the work, and know their unique story. The storytelling visually states who you are, and is designed to tap into culture, transform ideas and shift perspectives. 

⬤  Brand identity design

⬤  Place branding

⬤  Brand guidelines

⬤  Brand implimentation

⬤  Digital design

⬤  Signage design & iconography

⬤  Environmental spatial design

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